Thank you for helping save our wildlife!


If you find injured or orphaned wildlife please call us!  

(586) 354-8500

Please, do NOT move the animal as we want to be sure it is truly orphaned as all animals do best raised in the wild with their mother and siblings.  It is also very time consuming and expensive to care for them until release as wildlife re-habbers fill up very quickly in the Spring.  If you are sure it is injured or orphaned please put birds, bunnies, squirrels, opossums, groundhogs, and baby raccoon’s in a carrier or box with a fleece blanket. If using a box please make sure it has a secure lid and holes for air. Babies will NEED to be kept WARM with a heating padfor mammals and heat lamps for ducks/birds. Keep handling to a minimum.  Do not feed them human milk.  And don’t forget…older mammals still have teeth and can bite so be careful.

We are a USDA licensed facility and have Michigan and Federal wildlife permits.


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