We all love a pot belly pig but is it the right pet for you?

If you are looking to adopt a new friend please do your research as there is a lot of misconceptions about pigs.. You must know what you are getting into before purchasing one. They are very smart. Their weight can range from 50-130lbs. They do not stay small! They can be potty trained to go outside or in a large litter box. However, please keep in mind you must have zoning for farm animals to adopt one and a veterinarian in your area that will care for it throughout its life.  You must also pig proof your home as they will get into cupboards and anywhere else food may be. They love to chew and get bored easily. All of our pigs are sterilized and dewormed prior to adoption.

The adoption fee is only $100.00.  

Come meet one of our adoptable pigs today!