Gone, but never forgotten.

Over the years, we have saved many and lost a few. Every foster animal means so much to their foster parent, but when you lose a foster animal they are forever imprinted in their heart. This page is in memory of our animals who fought hard for too long, and now are running free! We will always miss you all.

If tears could build stairway, 
and memories a lane, 
we’d walk right up to heaven and
bring you all home again…



She was found in River Rouge Park, she was HW+ and extremely emaciated. Her foster, Kate, worked endlessly to put weight on her and raise funds for her care. Missy was starting to look and feel better, then suddenly she took a turn for the worse, and Kate rushed her to the vet to find she had pyometra, and needed surgery to get her uterus removed.

She didn’t make it through her surgery. Missy passed away just a few days after Kate announced she was adopting her.


He was a 5 week old puppy that was found by himself, in a box, behind a strip mall. When found, Zaide had a huge laceration on his leg and abdomen with hundreds of maggots crawling out of it. Luckily an animal lover found him and contacted DAWG. He was immediately rushed to the vet. The doctor had a hard time keeping him hydrated and his temperature up.

Unfortunately, infection had already set in and Zaide never made it into a foster home.


She was a 10 year old black Lab. She and her brother were owner surrender they both needed to gain 100 lbs. as they were being starved by their owner. Sammi had neurological problems. She couldn’t walk straight, she couldn’t lift her head, and she ran into walls all the time. Her foster, Nikki, watched her 24/7. She tried 2 different rounds of antibiotics, numerous test, and multiple vet appointments.

One night she was trying to drink some water, fell in her dish and nearly drowned. Nikki rushed her to the vet that night, but Sammi never came home, she did not make it.


He was found outside, living under a van. He had his back legs missing when he was found, the vet thinks they were cut off while the engine was started in the van he was living in. Always check your vehicle for animals before you get in!

Cheeto went in for surgery to amputate what was left of his legs. We lost him during surgery.

Mighty mouse

He was a 12 week old, 2.9 lb. Chihuahua who LOVED McDonald’s cheese burgers! His foster, Kristen, picked him up from SW Detroit around midnight and drove an hour back up to the vet. They were there until 2 am when they finally diagnosed him with Parvo. He lived most of the month in isolation at the vet with many DAWG volunteers visiting often and of course Kristen every day.

Might Mouse was starting to improve so they released him, he lived for another week then passed away in Kristen’s arms at home.


She was found on the side of the highway, blind with cataracts, hard of hearing, mange and a really large tumor. We knew right away she would need a hospice foster. She was given only a few days but this sweet girl lived another 4 months being pampered by her foster Janet…. She was able to have her large tumor removed and her hair grew back.

Her foster, Janet, made her home cooked meals every day, and made sure she left us looking, and feeling like a princess that she was!!